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It’s possible that your eyes are the most vulnerable part of your body. Of course, they do come with a number of security measure: eyelashes, tears, eyelids… But even so, your eyes are small, fragile organs that are, for the most part, exposed to the world. What’s more, for most of us, our eyesight is essential to maintaining our way of life.

So what do you do when the unthinkable happens? What do you do in emergencies when your vision could be in immediate danger?

Basic Eye First Aid

Whenever you suffer an injury to your eye, you should absolutely get professional medical help. However, taking a few steps before you do could go a long way to minimising the damage. Here are some common eye-related injuries, and what you can do before coming in to see us.

Safety Eyewear Can Prevent Eye Emergencies

Most eye injuries are preventable. Stop accidents before they happen with our safety eyewear.

The eye is made of very delicate tissues and mucous membranes, so anytime it comes into contact with chemicals (even ones as simple as household cleaners) it’s bad news. If contact does happen, do not rub your eye! This could spread the chemical.

Instead, you must flush your eye with cool water from a tap or shower. Your eye may start to feel better after a moment, but even so, you need to flush the eye out for at least 15 minutes. This is the only way to remove as much chemical from your eye as possible. Once you’ve finished flushing your eye, proceed to seek medical attention.

The procedure for this situation varies somewhat from case to case. If the object in question is a piece of glass the size of your pinkie nail, cover the eye without applying pressure and go to the nearest medical facility immediately.

If the object is small, however, like a metal shaving, you may be able to remove it yourself. Never attempt to remove something from your eye with tweezers or any similar tool; this could cause further damage. You must also resist the urge to rub the eye.

You might try gently touching the object with a moist cotton swab, in hopes that it sticks and comes away from the eye. If not, hold your eye open and flush it out with cool, clean water. If the object has not moved, come in for medical care.

We Provide Keswick With Emergency Eye Care

When disaster strikes, you don’t have time to wait for care. That’s why we offer emergency appointments. We keep a certain number of appointments open every day, just in case you need our help suddenly and urgently. At Keswick Family Eyecare, the health and safety of your eyes always come first.

When it’s Time to Come In

Any number of things could pose an immediate threat to your vision. Obviously, any time you experience an injury to the eye, you should seek help right away. Things like chemical contact with the eye, a foreign object embedded in the eye, any kind of cut or tear on your cornea, or even head injuries need to be addressed immediately.

Sometimes, you haven’t experienced an injury, but your vision suddenly changes. It’s particularly important that you come in when you experience this sort of change. For example: if you notice a number of flashes or a sudden influx of floaters in your vision, you could be experiencing a retinal detachment. The retina can be reattached, but it must be done soon in order to salvage the vision in that eye.

Other symptoms that indicate a need for immediate care would be: sudden loss of vision in one or both eyes, shadows or dark spots in your field of vision, sudden blurring, or double vision. As a general rule, any time you experience sudden changes in your vision, you need to seek medical attention right away.

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