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Annual Eye Exams Are the Key to Healthy Eyes

Having your eyes examined once a year is the best way to keep them healthy and strong. Many eye diseases don’t exhibit any symptoms until they’ve already caused irreversible damage, so even if your eyes feel fine and you haven’t noticed any change to your vision, it’s crucial that you continue to see an optometrist once a year.

Our Eye Exams Are Remarkably Thorough

At Keswick Family Eyecare, we really do care. That’s why we take the time to conduct our eye exams thoroughly, answering all your questions, and making sure you understand what we’re learning about your eyes. Our office is equipped with the latest technology, so we have everything we need to closely examine the condition and structure of your eyes while keeping you comfortable.

The Testing Process

We want our exams to be as detailed as possible, so we employ a number of tests to determine the overall health of your eye. Regardless of age or eye health history, we use the same preliminary tests on all adults. This kind of attention to detail helps us put together the most accurate picture of how your eye is functioning. Our eye exams usually include:

This test measures the focusing power and curvature of your eye. These measurements are then used to calculate what your prescription should be. This process is both faster and more accurate than standard refraction tests, which involve flipping back and forth between lenses and telling your optometrist which makes your vision clearer.

Now that we know what your prescription should be, we’ll check to see what prescription you’re actually wearing. Using a machine called a lensometer, we’ll measure the strength of your current lenses. This way we can ensure you’re wearing the correct prescription, or give you a new one with the correct level of magnification if you aren’t.

glaucoma is a very common and very serious eye disease that affects eye pressure. There aren’t usually any noticeable symptoms with glaucoma, so the only way to detect it is through testing. Tonometry measures your intraocular pressure, which gives us a good idea of whether or not you’re at risk of developing glaucoma. Our Tonometry system is non-contact, so we do not touch your eye. Instead, we use small puffs of air to make our measurements.

What We’re Looking For in an Eye Exam

Most eye diseases are asymptomatic, so screening for disease is an important part of your annual eye exam. Here are some of the diseases we’re looking for when we conduct your eye exam.


When the fluid inside your eye isn’t draining properly, it can damage your optic nerve. That damage causes the gradual loss of vision we refer to as glaucoma. This disease typically develops without presenting any symptoms, so most patients have no idea they have it until they’ve already lost a significant portion of their sight. The damage from glaucoma cannot be reversed, however, once it’s diagnosed, there is treatment to manage it and slow down the progression.

Age-Related Macular Degeneration

AMD (Age-related macular degeneration) is a common vision problem in seniors. This disease comes in two forms, the most common of which resulting from fatty deposits called drusen collecting around the macula and causing “blind spots” in the patient’s field of vision. Much like glaucoma, the damage done by this disease is irreversible. AMD has no cure, however if caught in time, treatment can help manage and slow the progression of the disease.

Visit Our Dispensary For a Great Selection & Sound Advice

Our dispensary staff is well trained and prepared to answer any question you might have. Whether it’s choosing the right frames for your look, or deciding what kind of lense to buy, we promise honest advice that comes from a place of caring; not high pressure sales tactics.

Finding the Right Contact Lenses

Every eye is different, so not every contact works for everyone. We specialize in fitting patients for contact lenses. We’ll talk to you about specialty lenses, and suggest which brands might work best for you. Learn more about our contact lens fittings.

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