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Exploring Laser Eye Surgery: What are Your Options?

Ophthalmologists have been using lasers to perform eye surgery since the 80’s. In that time, medical science has grown, innovated, and changed. As a result, we now have a number of different laser surgery options. But are they all the same? And which one is right for you?

At Keswick Family Eyecare, we’re happy to talk to you about the different laser eye surgeries available and consult on which might be the best for you. Book an appointment with us today, and we’ll walk you through the process.


LASIK is the most popular refractive surgery in the world today. This procedure involves cutting a flap in the cornea, which is then folded back. The ophthalmologist uses a laser to reshape the exposed layers of the cornea. Once the cornea is reshaped to the extent that it will allow for proper refraction, the flap is replaced on the eye.

This procedure usually only takes about 15 minutes per eye and causes very little pain or discomfort to the patient.


In most cases, the patient’s vision is restored within 24 hours. You should not drive until you’ve had a follow-up eye exam to ensure your corneas were not over or under corrected. It’s also very important that you do not rub your eyes or engage in any strenuous physical activity for a while after the procedure, as this could cause the corneal flap to dislodge.

PRK was the first corrective surgery to use lasers. Many doctors prefer it to LASIK for some patients, as it can be performed on thin corneas.

PRK is different from LASIK in that it reshapes the cornea from the surface, rather than the inner layers. There does tend to be some pain and discomfort with this procedure, and the eye is at a higher risk of infection. Having said that, PRK does not hold the potential for flap-related complications.


The recovery process for PRK can take up to two weeks. Because the surface of the eye has been compromised, it is particularly vulnerable to infection. Totally stable and restored vision could take up to 6 months. You will have to see your optometrist for a follow-up appointment to ensure your eyes were not over or under-corrected.

Results of Laser Corrective Surgery

Regardless of the procedure, the long-term results are roughly the same. Most patients end up with 20/20 vision after their surgery. Patients who still require glasses need a much lower prescription than they did previously.

Because eyes change over time, you may need glasses again years after your procedure. Almost everyone (including those who’ve undergone corrective surgery) require reading glasses to correct presbyopia as they age.

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