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Contacts are a wonderful corrective option for those seeking freedom from glasses; you get non-permanent correction that won’t get in your way.
There’s a perception that contact lenses aren’t for everyone, and to an extent, that’s true; some people are not good candidates for contacts. But the reality is, many people just have “hard to fit” eyes. This doesn’t mean contacts aren’t an option; it simply means they haven’t found the right lenses yet. Keswick Family Eyecare wants to help you do just that.

Speciality Contact Lenses

Different eyes have different needs. That’s why we offer speciality contact lenses- to correct a variety of eye problems. Ask us what speciality lenses might benefit you.

Astigmatism is a refractive error that occurs due to an irregularly shaped cornea. Toric lenses have different levels of magnification in different meridians of the lens to correct astigmatism. Because these lenses must be in a specific position in order to work properly, some toric lenses are weighted at the bottom to keep them from rotating.

As we age, our eyes change; often requiring correction for both close up and far away vision. Multifocal lenses offer different levels of correction in different parts of the lens, allowing the wearer to see both close up and far away clearly simply by looking through different places on the lens.

Not all eyeballs are the same shape. As a result, some people have difficulty wearing contact lenses, experiencing slippage every time they blink. Scleral lenses cover the entire white of the eye in addition to the cornea. This gives added stability; allowing the lens to stay secure and avoiding slippage.

Fitting You For the Perfect Lenses

Before we get you started with your contact lenses, we’ll need to see you for a contact lens exam. Here we’ll ascertain your prescription level, measure your eyes, and inspect your overall eye health. This not only helps us determine whether contact lenses are the right choice for you; it gives us a better idea of which type of lens would benefit you most.

Once we’ve gotten all the relevant information, we’ll give you your first set of trial lenses. Sometimes, finding the right lenses takes a few tries, so don’t be discouraged if the first lenses you take home aren’t quite right. Together, we’ll find the most comfortable and effective contacts for you.

Contact lenses are perfectly safe and effective when used correctly, however, they can be somewhat high maintenance. Poor lens hygiene or incorrect use could result is a very serious infection. Follow these tips to keep your eyes safe and healthy when wearing your contact lenses.

The Dos and Don’ts of Contact Lenses


  • Keep your contact lenses clean. Rinse them with contact solution before and after every wear.
  • Wash your hands before putting in and taking out your lenses.
  • Follow the supplied instructions closely.
  • Throw out your lenses once they’ve expired.


  • Use saliva or anything other than contact solution to clean and store your lenses.
  • Top up the solution in your contact case when it’s getting low. Dispose of the current solution, rinse the case out, and fill it with new solution.
  • Wear your contacts overnight or longer than they are designed to be worn.
  • Share contact lenses with anyone else.

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