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Keswick Family Eyecare Protects Your Eyes For Work Or Play!

The majority of eye injuries are preventable. Chemical contact, airborne metal shavings, or even just an errant squash ball could spell disaster for your eyesight. You might think that since you wear glasses day-to-day for correction, your eyes are protected. The reality is that covering your eyes and protecting your eyes are two different things. The only way to really keep your eyes safe is through eyewear that is specially designed to withstand whatever might come your way.

At Keswick Family Eyecare, we carry a wide variety of speciality eyewear for every activity; be it work, play, and everything in between.

Sports Eyewear Protects Your Eyes While Improving Your Performance

When you get active, you need your glasses to keep up. Sports eyewear meets the dual purpose of correcting and enhancing your eyesight while protecting your eyes from the rigorous environments around you.

Blunt force trauma (like that from a hockey stick or a baseball) could cause irreparable damage to your eyes. The proper sports eyewear is essential to protecting your vision. When you’re picking up your helmet, wrist braces, and knee pads, remember to protect your vision as well. Ask about our exceptional sport eyewear options.

Sports eyewear not only protects your eyes while correcting your vision; it can also enhance your performance. Tinted lenses can help your eyes adjust to any light conditions. Different lens colours can help highlight contrast, block certain wavelengths of light, and heighten acuity. Ask us which colour of tint is best for your lifestyle and activities.

Although style should never come between you and safety, we understand that you don’t necessarily want to look silly. That’s why our sports eyewear is designed with safety, performance, and style in mind. You’ll look and feel like a pro, no matter how you play.

Safety Eyewear is an Essential Part of Any Project

Safety eyewear is designed and rigorously tested to be shatterproof, chemical-proof, and extremely crush resistant. Even if you need prescription lenses in your safety goggles, you have nothing to worry about. In fact, prescription safety lenses tend to be even stronger than regular safety lenses.

Your eyes are vulnerable, delicate organs. And while your eyes do have some security measures in place (eyelashes, eyelids, tears), the more protection they have, the better. Protect your precious gift of sight with safety eyewear, and enjoy good eye health for decades to come!

In Case of Emergency, Contact Keswick Family Eyecare

Sometimes, accidents happen to even the most prepared people. That’s why we keep a certain number of emergency appointments available every day, just in case you need us. Read more about the emergency eye care we provide.

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