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Better Vision with ZEISS

For over 160 years, ZEISS has stood for better vision. Building upon the optical expertise of the company, which was founded in 1846, ZEISS has since introduced a multitude of optional innovations and has helped millions of scientists, physicists, doctors and even astronauts go far beyond imaginarily possible to accomplish their goals.

Even today, Carl Zeiss remains committed to ensuring optimal vision. Every eye is as individual as the human fingerprint and no other sensory organ allows us to perceive and experience our environment as intensively. Therefore, it is especially important to us to fully take this individuality into account during patient consultation and diagnosis and in the production of ZEISS eyeglass lenses.

Let's look at your options as a patient in more detail.

NEW ZEISS Products

Lens Types

Single Vision
Single Vision

ZEISS Customized Single Vision lenses deliver breakthrough, edge-to-edge clarity, no matter what type of prescription you have. They are personalized to your vision needs and give you the clearest, most expansive vision available today. Wearing any other single vision lens will seem like a compromise because no other lens is precisely personalized for you. Using digital devices all day? Opt for the ZEISS single vision lenses that have been specifically designed to help tired and strained eyes cope with the challenges of using digital devices.

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Zeiss Individual
Single Vision

Progressive lenses allow smooth, clear vision from near to far with one lens, and all without image jumps or transitions. The more the design of a progressive lens takes into account the personal parameters of the wearer, the more comfortable and relaxed their vision will be. This is precisely why ZEISS not only incorporates the patient's Rx or frame values, but also your visual habits. ZEISS Customized Progressive lenses provide you with outstanding clarity and visual comfort, regardless of your prescription, chosen frame and daily activities.

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Zeiss Individual 2
Zeiss Progressive Precision

Modern technology governs our life and make it easier, both at home and at work. We spend a good portion of our time working with high-tech devices and displays. While they help make us after and more productive, they put strain on our eyes, back and neck. Reading glasses or progressive lenses do not suffice. That's why ZEISS developed ZEISS Officelens to tailor your vision solutions to your specific needs, viewing distances, and allow for a relaxed posture. Office lenses are an ideal secondary solution to your primary pair for all-day excellent vision.

Zeiss Officelens Book
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Zeiss Officelens Room
Zeiss Officelens Desk

Lens Coatings - ZEISS DuraVision Platinum

Anti-Reflective Coating

Anti-reflective (AR) coatings a must for all lenses. A high-quality AR coating not only ensures that you look better by enhancing the visibility of your eyes, but it also eliminates most distracting reflections. AR coatings considerably facilitate night driving or reading. And anyone looking at you also benefits from an AR coating: as there are hardly any reflections on the front surface of the lens, they have an unhindered view of your eyes. Thanks to their innovative technology, ZEISS premium AR coatings reduce irritating reflections to a minimum.

Without AR
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With AR
Anti-Scratch Coating

These days, most customers opt for plastic lenses. However, these lenses are not as hard as lenses made of glass, and they are less resilient and more sensitive to scratching. Therefore, a special hard coating is definitely recommended to increase their durability. This makes the surface less sensitive to the scratches that can impair your vision. All ZEISS premium coatings feature a combination of an anti-reflective coating and an extremely durable hard coat.

Anti-Static Coating

ZEISS premium coatings display excellent anti-static properties, which means that they become dirty less quickly and attract considerably less dust and debris. And, the water- and oil-repellent layer ensures easy cleaning: the lenses can be conveniently cleaned with microfiber cloths or you can simply hold them under running, lukewarm water and shake off any remaining water droplets. As a rule, you do not even need to rub them dry with a cloth because liquids simply bead off the surface.

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Lens Tinting

Self-Tinting - PhotoFusion by Zeiss
Self-Tinting - PhotoFusion by Zeiss

If you find yourself exposed to frequent changes in light conditions and do not want to have to switch back and forth between different glasses, consider self-tinting lenses by ZEISS with auto-adjusting tints that respond to the different light conditions automatically. They obviously provide solar UV protection as well.

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Partly Sunny

It goes without saying that UV protection is the number one quality criterion for a good pair of sunglasses. But not all sunglasses are the same. If you need your new pair of sunglasses for driving as well, it may prove helpful to opt for ZEISS lenses with polarization, i.e., lenses featuring anti-glare technology. It minimizes the external blinding effects that develop when sunlight is reflected by wet roads, for example. Polarizing eyeglass lenses reduce this blinding effect and improve both colour and contrast perception. You will enjoy sharper vision and your eyes will not tire as easily.

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