UV Light

UV & You: How Ultraviolet Light Affects Your Eyes You know you should wear sunglasses for your eyes and you know not to look directly at the sun. But do you know why? Every day, you’re warned against the dangers of UV light. But do you know what that means? Before you can protect yourself, […]

Colour Blindness

Living Without Colour: Understanding Colour Deficiency Did you know that colour blindness really isn’t blindness at all? It’s a deficiency. Did you know that about 8 percent of men are colour deficient, while less than 1 percent of women are? We’ve heard a lot about colour deficiency or “colour blindness” over the span of our […]

Macular Hole

A Close Look at Macular Holes Your body changes over time; sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worse. While we can’t always change this fact, we can educate ourselves so we know what to look for, and when a change requires medical attention. In this article, we’ll be covering macular holes; what you need […]