Dr. Carley Charyk Roberts

Dr. Charyk Roberts, originally from Belhaven, Ontario, grew up in Georgina. She grew up playing on our local Keswick hockey and soccer teams and participated in dance and piano. She moved to Glasgow Scotland at age 18 to pursue studies in optometry and travel Europe. After graduating in 2012 Dr. Charyk Roberts began practising as a resident optometrist on the west coast of Scotland in the famous golf town of Troon. Dr. Charyk Roberts specialized in complex contact lens fittings, diabetic retinopathy screening programs, national children’s eye exam screenings and worked very closely with local surgical specialists to provide exceptional clinical patient care. Dr. Charyk Roberts returned to Canada in 2017 to complete the international bridging program at University of Waterloo and has now joined our eye care team.

Written by Lisa Fung

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